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Roller Shutters and Six Reasons Why You Should Have Some Installed

There seems to be a certain metamorphosis in Australia as businesses and homes are turning to roller shutters and for the correct reasons! If you did not know, roller shutters have been in existence for decades but alas, it has never really taken off. Maybe Australians back then weren’t so security-conscious and crime rates were low. But nowadays, added protection is a must. The global concern for the environment also, has made Australians find ways to decrease harmful emissions and roller shutters can help. Lastly, the image of roller shutters wasn’t really that attractive but now, they stand out aesthetically in colour and style.

Roller Shutters shut and secure

Consider these reasons

Times have indeed changed and now these shutters are not only practical, they are also stylish and beautiful. Consider installing them in your homes with the following reasons:

  1. For added security:

Roller shutters will provide added security. Don’t be turned off by its appearance. They come in beautiful designer colours enhancing the appearance of your homes or business facade.

  1. Fire safety:

Some parts of Australia are mandated by law to have roller shutters because it is a fire zone. But even if your area is in a moderate fire hazard zone, a roller shutter is a great option to protect your home or business.

  1. Heat and cold conservation:

These days, roller shutters are a good source of thermal insulation. During summer, the shutters block out harmful UV rays. During winter, they prevent heat from escaping your home. Heat loss is 70% lessened from your glass windows.

  1. Noise reduction:

Most of the new shutters have sound insulation designed to lessen noise. This is perfect if that wall faces a busy street, a school or any noisy area.

  1. Easy to use:

Gone are the images of heavy and difficult-to-open shutters. Newer versions are motorised that open and close through a switch. The manually operated ones also effortlessly glide smoothly.

  1. Versatility and style:

Indoors, they can be used as room dividers. Outdoors, they can connect a patio or balcony with an indoor den or room. They’re so versatile, you can install them anywhere. Think they’re eyesores with no style or elegance? Take a look at some of the newest and most modern roller shutter designs. You won’t even think twice about getting one. They come in gorgeous styles for both indoor and outdoor areas.

What material to use?

Roller shutters are popularly made from aluminum slats that are connected through a cavity. Even recycled aluminum can be used. Another material is steel formed from galvanized steel. Both can be coated with your choice colour and insulated by with insulating foam. For the non-traditional home owner, there are roller shutters made of wood. Imagine the natural finish of the wood!

You can choose what you want in design, style, colour, material and location. But the bottom line is that there are a myriad of reasons to install roller shutters. Go to your shutter suppliers to see their products and options. Its always best practive to have the shutters installed by a professional if your unsure of the process.

Thanks for reading. It is getting into the hotter seasons here in australia and a perfect time to get those shutters installed to keep out the heat.

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How to Find the Best Insured Packing and Relocation Company

Hiring a removalist company to take your things to your new home means trusting strangers with everything you own on the premise that they’re professionals. Give yourself more peace of mind by finding the best insured packing and relocation company you can to handle your stuff. This way, you can rest assured that they’ll move your things efficiently and carefully and even if there are mistakes, you’ll be compensated for them.

Full pack and removal service

Build a Relationship With Your Removalist Company

Before you choose the insured packing and relocation service you’re comfortable with, make a few phone calls and meet with the people that will be working with you during your move. Having a conversation can go a long way in building trust between you and your removalist company so you’ll know that your things will be handled with care.

What is Covered?

Most removalist companies, including the removal service we utilised earlier in the year, include insurance but not all of them will insure your things, the house you’re moving from, and the house you’re moving to. Accidents can happen when furniture is being moved, even with professionals. The best insured packing and relocation companies will cover all of these things in some way. Ask questions and find out exactly what is covered before you make your choice.

Inventory and Pack Accordingly

to movers taking furniture up stairsIn order to ensure that all of your things make it to your new residence, it’s a good idea to make an inventory of your boxes and furniture that you also give to the removalist company. You don’t have to go crazy with it but if you know how many boxes you have and where they’re going, you’ll better be able to see that all of them are where they’re supposed to be once you arrive. An insured packing and relocation company should appreciate this extra step, because it holds their workers accountable as well as preventing you from claiming something that they never moved. The little bit more works for everyone.

How Will You Be Compensated?

In the event that the insured packing and relocation company does lose or damage one or more of your items, you’ll want to know how to receive compensation. This is among the questions you should ask among initial interview with the company you’re thinking of choosing. You’ll want to know:

  • How much you’re insured for,
  • When and where to file a claim,
  • How long it will take to receive compensation, and
  • If items that exceed the insured limit will be covered up to the limit if not past it.

No one wants to talk about money with these things but when it comes to your things you can’t be shy about what will happen. Know the information before you hire the company.

Get Ready to Move

inside the back of a furniture removal truckOnce you’ve chosen your insured packing and relocation company, you’re ready to get moving. Label your boxes well, use bright colours to “code” the boxes, and stay friendly with the professionals who come to your home to help you move. A little “please” and “thank you” goes a long way with everyone.

Thanks for reading. For more great tips and tricks check out the myzigo home page where all new posts are located. Have a great day and good luck with your move!

Do You Want Your Trees Removed? Don’t be Stumped

Large Tree Being removed

Having a garden is probably every home owner’s dream. One of the best elements in a garden is, of course, the tree because it provides shade and gives a certain air of elegance. If you are building a new home or buying one, sometimes, you need to have trees removed in the area. This calls for tree removal professionals to do it for you. Here are some very important information about the whole process of removing trees from your future majestic garden. But if you’re still curious, you can check out your local tree surgeon or arborist.

Trees are always welcome in any garden but sometimes, situations call for the need to remove them. Some of these cases include:

  1. Wrong location of the tree – it may be blocking sunshine or a view
  2. Tree is infested – it may have wood-eating insects
  3. You need space – the area of the tree will be used for a house or structure
  4. Neighbors will be in danger – the tree poses an obvious threat
  5. The tree is dead – long live the tree!

Who does tree removals?

Tree removed MelbourneWho should you call if your garden has a tree or trees you want removed? Doing it yourself is definitely out of the question as it is very dangerous to you, your property and to your neighbors. And besides, you probably don’t have the right equipment to remove a tree properly. Your best option is to call your local arborist who is a highly trained having professional.

Do you need a permit to remove a tree?

You need to contact your local city council to know the rules and regulations before you do any planning. Most likely you will need a permit to remove a tree. We have used Travs Tree and Stump Removal for arborist reports in the past and found the service top notch. Travis pointed out there are some trees which are classified as protected and may be difficult to remove due to legal reasons.

The tree removal specialists

Get information about the specialist that you want to hire. You want to make sure that he or she is qualified, well-trained, has extensive experience and has references and recommendations. Also, it is good to check kinds of insurance they offer – usually, liability, professional indemnity and personal insurance. Ask for their quotation and the services that are included. Ask for their other services you might want to avail of in the future. Most arborists also do the following services:

  • Removing of tree stumps
  • Mulching
  • Shaping and pruning
  • Storm damage cleaning up

Removing a tree next to house

And the trees?

After being cut down, your arborist will dispose of all the tree branches, tree debris and other wooden parts including the tree stump. You could ask them to turn the wood into mulch and by doing this, you will probably get a lower cost because they will not have to do any tree disposal.

You don’t need to spend a fortune if you want your garden to look pristine and having some trees removed. Get the right professional help and start making that garden you have in mind that’s closer to Eden.

Why Replacing Your Roof Works Better with a Professional

Custom Roof built by Prompt Roofing Perth

Patching up a roof here and there is something many homeowners like doing on their own. But when it comes to replacing your roof, DIY may cause more problems than you can expect and is definitely not recommended for your own safety. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a professional roofer’s services, when replacing your house roof.

Safety concerns

The possibility of falling off of a roof is just one of the hazards that comes from wanting to manage this type of project on your own. Using the wrong equipment, tools, materials and even shoes can lead to a myriad of safety issues and damage that can cause irreparable harm; not just to the individual, but the home itself.

Voiding warranties

Often goods and services for your roof work will come with a guarantee and a warranty. If the homeowner decides to replace the roof on his own, then whatever assurances have been made might not be honored should the DIY project hit a snag and help is needed. This means that the money you thought you would save by personally handling the project will now be spent.

Complicated design Metal Roof

Trust in the experts

Before going into any DIY project when replacing your roof, it’s important for you as a homeowner to remember that some jobs are better left to the experts. Getting advice and assistance from the pros will mean prompt roofing replacement and repairs, money saved in the long run, and a well installed roof that will protect you for decades to come.

The high cost of lower quality

The materials and tools you have access to may not be of the same professional grade as those a professional roofer would have in their possession.  This is especially true for areas where unique weather and environmental challenges require the highest quality supplies to handle the wear and tear of the climate and landscape. Value is not synonymous with cheap, of course, but unless the homeowner is well educated in this respect, the chances are that the lower cost items he or she was able to procure will fall apart much sooner thereby causing more money needing to be spent to fix it.

Replacing the entire roof itself needs a trained eye to understand what is out on the marketplace that will be most durable and cost efficient. This is difficult to determine unless you are an expert in the field of roof repair.

Before and After Roof Restoration with Colorbond

Doing the job incorrectly

There are tons of tutorials online or offline, you can find hundreds of videos or books on the matter. However, as much information as may be gained through these sources, experience working this kind of job will always trump them. This can also be called a safety hazard, because that shingled, tiled or slated covering is the one thing that stands between the family inside and the elements without. If it is replaced incorrectly, the chances of it allowing weather or even animals to infiltrate are incredibly high. It can also lead to the roof sagging and even creating structural damage, which is a far bigger problem than replacing or repairing some tiles.

Trusting the professionals is always the safest bet. With hundreds of roofing companies and collectively, hundreds of years experience, why on earth would you attempt to repair or replace your roof yourself.

What to Look for in a Skip Bin Hire Provider

Three Different Dumpsters

Whether we like it or not, the by-product of most of our everyday activities as well as renovations, is garbage. It is woven into the stuff of our daily lives, as reflected by the question dreaded by husbands all over the world: “Did you take out the trash?”. Therefore, a very important household-related decision is finding the best garbage collecting company. This becomes even more crucial when you’re a business that produces large quantities of construction or industrial waste, which means you need a reliable skip bin hire provider.

In fact, skip bin hire services are becoming an increasingly more common solution for households as well, and here is why.

Blue Skip BinThe Benefits of Using Skip Bin Hire Services

  1. Eco-friendly

Professional skip bin hire companies have perfected methods of managing waste in a safer and eco-friendly way, rather than just simply dumping it on a landfill, thus offering you a surefire way of minimizing your ecological footprint

  1. Time- and cost-effective

While this system works best if you do your bit as well, organizing and separating types of waste beforehand, a skip bin hire provider can help you manage your household, time and money much more effectively, saving you the trouble of driving to the garbage disposal site.

  1. Convenient

Hiring a skip bin service makes your life easier and guarantees you’re a more hygienic environment, as it leaves the waste management of your home and office in the hands of seasoned professionals.

While skip bin hire provider may seem like a fairly straightforward job, there are some important questions to ask when choosing such a service, for your home or for your business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire Provider

Full Skip BinThere are plenty of ideas and tips to take into consideration when choosing the right Skip Bin company. Have they got great reviews? Are they affordable? Are they Punctual? Before we get into this a little deeper I asked myself these same questions back in 2015 when I was renovating my own home. We decided to hire our bins from Wizzbinz as we were in Perth at the time. Their service was excellent and we were well looked after. Below are some of the questions we asked our self’s before coming to the conclusion, they were the best fit for our needs.

  1. Is their past performance up to par?

Given that effective waste removal is essential for your household or business, it is important to choose wisely. A good way to go about it is to ask for references. Don’t just rely on hearsay, make it a point to meet past customers in person and ask detailed questions about the company’s performance.

  1. Do they distinguish between biodegradable and non-biodegradable products?

If you’re running an eco-friendly company (or household), you are well aware of the importance of separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable products. As mentioned above, most skip bin hire services do this by default. However, be sure to check in advance whether they provide recycling services and steer clear of companies who do not.

  1. What kind of disinfectants does the company use?

Rotting vegetables and other foodstuffs tend to leave a heavy smell and nagging fruit flies behind. Some skip bin hire companies also offer spraying and air freshening services after collecting your waste. Find out whether your prospective garbage collector provides this kind of service and, if so, what kind of products they use.

Make sure you get satisfactory answers to all these questions before hiring a skip bin hire provider and like we did in Perth, you too will be a happy repeat customer.

What should be the color of your room?


Just like landscaping, your room will also provide your identity and serve a lot of purpose other than just being pretty. Deciding on the paint job and color theme of a room is something that we either take a lot of time to think about or just choose randomly, there is no in between. But in my years of experience in room renovation, I can’t emphasize it enough that this is something that I always guide people carefully. Choosing the correct color for your room depends on the usage and choosing your room’s color incorrectly could mean that you will need further renovation in the future.

Decide on the room’s purpose.Room1

Before deciding on a range of color to choose from, it is important that you first be clear about its usage. Are you going to use this room for fun time activities with your family? Will you be using this as your home office? Would you like to read books or watch movies inside this room? Some room will be utilized for more than one activities, of course, maybe a combination of the option I provided above but thinking on the future usage of the room will help you out decide the correct color.

Take a decision on the atmosphere based on the purpose.

What I do when I ask people about the future usage of the room is then confirm the feeling or feelings that the chamber should bring. For example, if they are going to be using it as a reading room, does that mean that they want it to be relaxing? If they are planning to use this as a game room, it depends on the match. Strategy games or board games would need a peaceful looking place, while action oriented games would require that energy vibe of the chamber. Once you are decided on what kind of atmosphere you need, its time a color theme.

RoomColotThe color theme is not just one color but rather a combination of colors that match well.

Now that you are decided on the atmosphere that you want to get, it is time to choose a set of color that you want your room to be painted with. For this one, you could use the internet to get suggestions on what you want. What I do is not just get a suggestion for the color but get an idea of the general theme that I want. For example, instead of searching the internet for colors that are relaxing, I usually look up themes that are relaxing instead. Knowing only the color is not enough, knowing that you need to pick a soft color will still get you nowhere. It is better to get a theme since for example, knowing that you need to set up a cozy cabin feeling for a room will give you ideas that you need wood color, paired with leather seats, etc. A formal room means that you will need dark color gorgeous wood sets of furniture and carpet.


Choosing a color is not just about selecting a color, you should be thinking about your whole room as a general in order to get the result that you need. However, if it comes to the part that you need expert assistance, don’t forget to seek help from the experts, sending us a message will also do.
Stay tuned for our future articles!