Yvonne EdmundsHello, my name is Yvonne and I am obsessed with landscape gardening. This habit of mine started since I was a kid, our parents have this small but great landscape garden in our front yard and I wanted to play on it but my father wouldn’t let me.

I used to be angry with that decision at that time since I am just kid, and what is important for me is just playing. However, looking back, during my teenage years when I stumbled upon other great landscape designs, that is where I started to appreciate it then slowly understood why my father would not let me play on our front yard. Landscape Gardening is a delicate art that would need a lot of maintenance, but I know that everything is worth it.

Since then, what I would do every time I am at my parent’s house, I would help them out with the maintenance of their front yard. For some reason, it is a pride in our small community to have a great and known front yard, and my parents would always do their best to compete with everyone. Let us say that I also got dragged in that competition, then later, decided to take advantage of that competition in order to earn money.

Landscape Gardening is a hard to start with, you will not get a lot of clients but if you slowly prove to them that you are worthy of their money, and just always do your best to let them be aware that you are the greatest “artist” around, you will surely gain popularity and will get a lot of projects. That is where I saw other landscape artist failed, they are not doing their best all of the time, for them, their work would only matched how much they are paid, and I think this mindset is wrong. This is part of the reason that I started My Zigo Landscaping.