What to Look for in a Skip Bin Hire Provider

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Whether we like it or not, the by-product of most of our everyday activities as well as renovations, is garbage. It is woven into the stuff of our daily lives, as reflected by the question dreaded by husbands all over the world: “Did you take out the trash?”. Therefore, a very important household-related decision is finding the best garbage collecting company. This becomes even more crucial when you’re a business that produces large quantities of construction or industrial waste, which means you need a reliable skip bin hire provider.

In fact, skip bin hire services are becoming an increasingly more common solution for households as well, and here is why.

Blue Skip BinThe Benefits of Using Skip Bin Hire Services

  1. Eco-friendly

Professional skip bin hire companies have perfected methods of managing waste in a safer and eco-friendly way, rather than just simply dumping it on a landfill, thus offering you a surefire way of minimizing your ecological footprint

  1. Time- and cost-effective

While this system works best if you do your bit as well, organizing and separating types of waste beforehand, a skip bin hire provider can help you manage your household, time and money much more effectively, saving you the trouble of driving to the garbage disposal site.

  1. Convenient

Hiring a skip bin service makes your life easier and guarantees you’re a more hygienic environment, as it leaves the waste management of your home and office in the hands of seasoned professionals.

While skip bin hire provider may seem like a fairly straightforward job, there are some important questions to ask when choosing such a service, for your home or for your business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire Provider

Full Skip BinThere are plenty of ideas and tips to take into consideration when choosing the right Skip Bin company. Have they got great reviews? Are they affordable? Are they Punctual? Before we get into this a little deeper I asked myself these same questions back in 2015 when I was renovating my own home. We decided to hire our bins from Wizzbinz as we were in Perth at the time. Their service was excellent and we were well looked after. Below are some of the questions we asked our self’s before coming to the conclusion, they were the best fit for our needs.

  1. Is their past performance up to par?

Given that effective waste removal is essential for your household or business, it is important to choose wisely. A good way to go about it is to ask for references. Don’t just rely on hearsay, make it a point to meet past customers in person and ask detailed questions about the company’s performance.

  1. Do they distinguish between biodegradable and non-biodegradable products?

If you’re running an eco-friendly company (or household), you are well aware of the importance of separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable products. As mentioned above, most skip bin hire services do this by default. However, be sure to check in advance whether they provide recycling services and steer clear of companies who do not.

  1. What kind of disinfectants does the company use?

Rotting vegetables and other foodstuffs tend to leave a heavy smell and nagging fruit flies behind. Some skip bin hire companies also offer spraying and air freshening services after collecting your waste. Find out whether your prospective garbage collector provides this kind of service and, if so, what kind of products they use.

Make sure you get satisfactory answers to all these questions before hiring a skip bin hire provider and like we did in Perth, you too will be a happy repeat customer.