Roller Shutters and Six Reasons Why You Should Have Some Installed

There seems to be a certain metamorphosis in Australia as businesses and homes are turning to roller shutters and for the correct reasons! If you did not know, roller shutters have been in existence for decades but alas, it has never really taken off. Maybe Australians back then weren’t so security-conscious and crime rates were low. But nowadays, added protection is a must. The global concern for the environment also, has made Australians find ways to decrease harmful emissions and roller shutters can help. Lastly, the image of roller shutters wasn’t really that attractive but now, they stand out aesthetically in colour and style.

Roller Shutters shut and secure

Consider these reasons

Times have indeed changed and now these shutters are not only practical, they are also stylish and beautiful. Consider installing them in your homes with the following reasons:

  1. For added security:

Roller shutters will provide added security. Don’t be turned off by its appearance. They come in beautiful designer colours enhancing the appearance of your homes or business facade.

  1. Fire safety:

Some parts of Australia are mandated by law to have roller shutters because it is a fire zone. But even if your area is in a moderate fire hazard zone, a roller shutter is a great option to protect your home or business.

  1. Heat and cold conservation:

These days, roller shutters are a good source of thermal insulation. During summer, the shutters block out harmful UV rays. During winter, they prevent heat from escaping your home. Heat loss is 70% lessened from your glass windows.

  1. Noise reduction:

Most of the new shutters have sound insulation designed to lessen noise. This is perfect if that wall faces a busy street, a school or any noisy area.

  1. Easy to use:

Gone are the images of heavy and difficult-to-open shutters. Newer versions are motorised that open and close through a switch. The manually operated ones also effortlessly glide smoothly.

  1. Versatility and style:

Indoors, they can be used as room dividers. Outdoors, they can connect a patio or balcony with an indoor den or room. They’re so versatile, you can install them anywhere. Think they’re eyesores with no style or elegance? Take a look at some of the newest and most modern roller shutter designs. You won’t even think twice about getting one. They come in gorgeous styles for both indoor and outdoor areas.

What material to use?

Roller shutters are popularly made from aluminum slats that are connected through a cavity. Even recycled aluminum can be used. Another material is steel formed from galvanized steel. Both can be coated with your choice colour and insulated by with insulating foam. For the non-traditional home owner, there are roller shutters made of wood. Imagine the natural finish of the wood!

You can choose what you want in design, style, colour, material and location. But the bottom line is that there are a myriad of reasons to install roller shutters. Go to your shutter suppliers to see their products and options. Its always best practive to have the shutters installed by a professional if your unsure of the process.

Thanks for reading. It is getting into the hotter seasons here in australia and a perfect time to get those shutters installed to keep out the heat.

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