What should be the color of your room?


Just like landscaping, your room will also provide your identity and serve a lot of purpose other than just being pretty. Deciding on the paint job and color theme of a room is something that we either take a lot of time to think about or just choose randomly, there is no in between. But in my years of experience in room renovation, I can’t emphasize it enough that this is something that I always guide people carefully. Choosing the correct color for your room depends on the usage and choosing your room’s color incorrectly could mean that you will need further renovation in the future.

Decide on the room’s purpose.Room1

Before deciding on a range of color to choose from, it is important that you first be clear about its usage. Are you going to use this room for fun time activities with your family? Will you be using this as your home office? Would you like to read books or watch movies inside this room? Some room will be utilized for more than one activities, of course, maybe a combination of the option I provided above but thinking on the future usage of the room will help you out decide the correct color.

Take a decision on the atmosphere based on the purpose.

What I do when I ask people about the future usage of the room is then confirm the feeling or feelings that the chamber should bring. For example, if they are going to be using it as a reading room, does that mean that they want it to be relaxing? If they are planning to use this as a game room, it depends on the match. Strategy games or board games would need a peaceful looking place, while action oriented games would require that energy vibe of the chamber. Once you are decided on what kind of atmosphere you need, its time a color theme.

RoomColotThe color theme is not just one color but rather a combination of colors that match well.

Now that you are decided on the atmosphere that you want to get, it is time to choose a set of color that you want your room to be painted with. For this one, you could use the internet to get suggestions on what you want. What I do is not just get a suggestion for the color but get an idea of the general theme that I want. For example, instead of searching the internet for colors that are relaxing, I usually look up themes that are relaxing instead. Knowing only the color is not enough, knowing that you need to pick a soft color will still get you nowhere. It is better to get a theme since for example, knowing that you need to set up a cozy cabin feeling for a room will give you ideas that you need wood color, paired with leather seats, etc. A formal room means that you will need dark color gorgeous wood sets of furniture and carpet.


Choosing a color is not just about selecting a color, you should be thinking about your whole room as a general in order to get the result that you need. However, if it comes to the part that you need expert assistance, don’t forget to seek help from the experts, sending us a message will also do.
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